August Campout

August 5th - 7th

Shenandoah Valley Campground

(296 Riner Lane, Verona, Va. 24482)

Pack 1833 will be camping at Shenandoah Valley Campground from Friday to Sunday. This is a family friendly campground with mini golf, a pool, and a fishing pond. It is right next to the Middle River.

On Saturday, we will be visiting Grand Caverns for a tour of the underground cave. Discovered in 1804 and tours beginning in 1806, it is the oldest continually operating show cave in the USA.

If you are planning to stay Friday night, please plan to arrive no earlier than 6:30pm.

Register using the form on this page

Registration ends on July 29th

Camping Fee: $75 per family

Grand Caverns Fees: $15 per person

Additional Details on Pricing:

The campground requires a two-night reservation for weekends. You may come for only one night, but the cost will remain the same. Depending on the number of campsites we need, the campground may offer a discount. Any savings will be passed on to the families.

Grand Caverns offers private tours for groups so that we will not have other visitors with us. The cost is $280 with a maximum group size of 25 people. We will average out the cost based on the number of attendees, not to exceed $15 per person. If we have 25 people, then the cost will be $11.